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Who is Jordan,
and how did he start?

Well, many people ask me how I began my online business journey and how I got so good at it. I came from a humble beginning as a regular college student looking for a way to seek financial prosperity. Just after I finished college I was very confused about what to do for a living. For a few years I was trading in the forex market and even though this was profitable I realized that this was very risky and at the same time I wasn’t very passionate about it. In 2014 I decided to go to the university whilst I was at the university I found out that over 3 billion people around the world have internet access and this sparked an idea that there was an opportunity to make millions online. After my university lectures I would be in my little accommodation trying to find ways to sell and make money online, it was a bit difficult at the start but I found my self a mentor who guided me into making thousands online.

"Dont wait for the right moment to start a business it never arrives start whenever, Start NOW"
Jordan Messoud

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